Intuity World is a heart-centred organization that is committed to the betterment of life through personal spiritual and emotional growth. We truly believe people will reconnect and live from a place of peace, love and integrity by accessing their internal wisdom, higher self and innate sense of justice and love.

Many of the issues the world faces today can be traced back to mass desensitisation, fear, insecurity, lack and a sense of disempowerment to make a difference. It is only when we can see the world beyond such limiting paradigms we can hope for global reconnection. Each human-being is a gift onto this world, and when our unique, individual voice is celebrated and given space and courage for expression, a new diversity and creativity will be born, paving way for fertile lives of personal expression and vibrant passion. This will be the founding space for creative solutions towards some of the crisis's we are facing as a planet.

Our vision and belief is when individuals shift to living from personal power and contribution, a new world of freedom, peace and realised potential is possible.