Pascale Seiler

Pascale discovered her newly found passion for being a writer just a few years ago. It's amazing to see what springs up in the recesses of the soul. Her writing emerged much like a flower starting to bloom and blossom within. She soon discovered that writing was where her passion and calling lay. So quickly, she started to put pen to paper and she found that she couldn't stop the words from jumping off the pages as if by a miracle.

For Pascale, writing connects her to the will of god and what messages she feels so divinely and promptly meant to share. Much of her writing is both visionary and ahead of her time. She trusts that the writing that spills forth now is meant for a much higher divinely guided reason. She boldly steps forward to bring the message of love, risk, surrender and compassion to the fore.

Pascale has embraced that her writing journey and herself are totally one. She is not unable to separate the two, nor would she want to now. For her writing opens up a world where sheer insight, revelation and transformations occur.

She is clear her journey as an author is about sharing the message of love to the world. As the saying goes 'love is an ever splendid thing'. What she is interested in is in the ever deepening inquiry into what love could be and what love will transform into tomorrow.

As her journey has so far taught her, no truth can ever stand still. Her writing is a testament to that. She demonstrates an incessant search into the vast unknowns of love and risk. She emerges victorious with her own personal answers offering us all the opportunity to really reassess again for yourself what love could be, what love will be and ultimately what love could be tomorrow.

Stay tuned for Pascale's upcoming book entitled 'The Heart's Path'. The birth and arrival of this book herald a new era in life, one where people can be safe in the knowing that love and risk does really prevail over all else.

It's an absolute page turner that will leave you dying for more.

Eva Ng

Intuitive Author Eva's true passion is words. More than any other creative expression, words have always been the most powerful art form to touch, move and inspire her. Her love of words spans many genres from poetry to fiction, essay to non-fiction and speeches to spiritual writings.

Writing came calling when at age eighteen she embarked upon her personal journey of self-enquiry about her life and her place in the world. Losing her father at eighteen incited profound questions about life, death and living through which there are no ready answers. Writing helped articulate the many questions that emerged from deep within. Writing also helped make sense of a new spiritual hunger that at times feels completely overwhelming. Writing became an access to her higher wisdom, guidance and a way of grounding herself.

Eva may love all kinds of writing and is a prolific writer; but it has taken her almost a decade and a half of denial to accept that her soul's path is irrevocably entwined with writing. With reverence and humility, Eva can see the words she scribes often carry a level of truth and insight that is bigger than her and should be shared and offered as contribution to other seekers like her.

As she steps forth to embrace her intuitive and creative fire, Eva hope to serve her Intuity World friends and family with messages of hope, courage, love and honesty.