Pascale Seiler

Pascale Seiler believes that one of the key reasons that she has been brought to this earth is so that she can share her wealth of knowledge and insight with others.

Pascale Seiler believes that in her role, as a spiritual teacher we are also meant to teach most that of which we are most here to learn.

Designing the content of her training is largely instinctual, organic and fluid. She lets the process open up organically being mindful to include the lessons that pulsate in and around her life at the time. She revels in training people both one on one or in large scale groups with both individuals and corporations alike.

Pascale feeds off the group dynamic as she believes there is something entirely sacred and powerful that you can only achieve when a group comes together. Each individual participant provides something completely magical that opens up the wealth of truth, inspiration and insight in another.

Pascale trains across a multitude of arenas ranging from leadership to passion, effectiveness to productivity, surrender to wisdom, responsibility to freedom. You name it and Pascale teaches it.

Pascale works hand in hand with organizations to create new heart centered leaders who operate with qualities such as humility, humanity, care and compassion. Today's organizations realize that the key to staying ahead in today's economy is in building leaders that are in touch with what it means to be truly of service.

Pascale will work with you personally to identify what's at the heart of your training needs. She will complete a full training needs analysis and then providing you with a tailored end to end solution to meet your training needs. She will give you a complete diagnostic of your situation and a new training roadmap of success to get you from where you are to where you want to go.

Her commitment is to provide real wisdom for real world training results.

Feel free to get in touch with her for a training quote for yourself, your department or your organization. Pricing will be tailored dependent on the training services rendered.

In the later part of this year, Pascale will be focusing much of her efforts in the role of Trainer. She has been guided to teach both Ultimate Surrender 1 and Heart Centred Leadership in Hong Kong in October and in Singapore in December. Not to mention she will be also sharing the power and mastery of the wisdom of the Archetypes in Archetypal Wisdom 101 in November in Hong Kong.

Please check our Events for all the details on all the courses. And stay tuned for regular updates on new editions to programs as and when then launch!

Loving Light Pascale