Pascale Seiler

Pascale SeilerPascale Seiler is a renowned Intuitive Transformational Coach, Healer, Trainer, Author and Radio Host. She possesses the unique gift to tap into people's lives through creating a direct channel with your higher wisdom that allows for miracles and transformations to occur. She literally blows the lid or wow's the pants off what's possible in her clients' lives. They are forever altered in her sessions.

She has had the profound privilege of working with clients from all over the world Switzerland, UK, Singapore, Australia, US, Canada, Hong Kong and South Africa causing one remarkable breakthrough after another in her clients' lives.

She will guide you to unlock the miraculous in all areas on your life financial abundance, relationships, your career and purpose she will shine a heavenly light on it all.

Born and having grown up in Hong Kong Pascale blends the passion of the West with the loving wisdom of the East which allows her to embrace her complete wholeness. She believes that what sets her apart is embracing all parts of who she is allowing others to do the same.

She has a laser like ability to channel the messages from the divine with the perfect dose of love, ruthless compassion and light. Your life will transform in a minute in her presence and she will give you new openings for your life that you never deemed were possible. Take this opportunity to book 1-1 Private Heart Reading with Pascale now, to fulfill your Dreams today.

Simply put: She will inspire you, move you and motivate you to realizing and making your dreams come true.

Eva Ng

Eva NgEva Ng is a natural intuitive, gifted author and notably visionary life strategist. Eva Ng is affectionately called Athena the "Goddess of Wisdom" by many of her followers.

Eva Ng is the epitomy of acceptance personified. If you have had the fortunate opportunity to simply be in Eva's space be prepared to be struck by Eva's simple and yet intuitively brilliant wisdom. She is a walking testament to living a life steeped in spirit and faith. Her wish through the Intuity platform is to now show others how to do the same.

Eva's messages are both truly uplifting, moving and awe strikingly inspiring. A natural creator at heart she blends her talent for creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship with absolute finesse and ease. She envisages a peaceful world where humanistic values really do come first. Eva is an example of success built on heart centred living, be it inside in her personal life, or outside in the corporate arena.

Eva will always thrive to bring the most cutting edge creations and innovations to the fore. This creative genius has made it her business to always be dedicated to the fresh, new and emerging worlds of creativity, design and beauty.

Watch the Intuity Creative space catapult on to the scene. Be prepared for us to take your creative world's by storm, we will tantalize your creative taste buds and totally wow your socks off!