Starting in December ready for the launch of the radio and the site, Pascale will have a weekly one hour show on Spirit Quest Radio entitled 'The Boundless Intuitive Hour.' This is the perfect opportunity for you to call in to the show to receive Pascale's intuitive brilliance live on air. She will tap right into where you're at in your life right now and guide you through a process of aligning you to your higher self.

Simply put, she'll align your heart with your head to move you to your highest wisdom. Not only that, she'll have you travelling at the speed of light and love illuminating all of your current life issues.

Pascale's show will be completely life altering, she'll have you touched and moved in your seats at home to dramatically shift the course of your destiny. She'll also leave you with golden insights and tools that will both uplift, empower and ultimately inspire you to live the life you love.

Pascale will be offering a complete mixed bag of sumptuous gifts on the show. She'll be doing readings, radio interviews as well as taking live calls.

Tune in on Sundays to hear Pascale live, or alternatively you can download and listen to the rebroadcast shows at your own convenience.

She looks forward to connecting with you on air.

Love, Light and Freedom to all Pascale