Pascale SeilerPascale Seiler is a renowned intuitive coach, motivational trainer and purposeful author who helps others awaken their divine life purpose and sacred intuition. Pascale uses her inspirational spiritual gifts of insight and prophecy to empower her clients to live a life that is founded on the qualities of love, light and freedom. Her vision is to create a world where people naturally go to their wisdom daily in order to produce real world results in their lives.

Pascale Seiler prides herself on making it her life's work to release people from their fears. She liberates people from the past, has them fully alive in the present and has them magically creating for the future. During her time in the practice and halfway through writing her first book, Pascale gave birth to the Heart Transformational Process.

Pascale became the conscious inventor of her own work to address recurrent patterns that were showing up with clients that previously were not being addressed and she did this with much success. It started to yield very powerful results with clients as you could see remarkable differences in the way clients emerged physically, emotionally and spiritually anew.

Heart Transformation comprises of eleven essential keys all of which are essential to live a consciously designed life you love. Both of the Private Heart Readings and the Heart Transformational sessions are sourced from the work of the Heart Transformational process.

Pascale designed the work so that it attunes you to the various levels of heart mastery on offer. For people who are looking to dip their toes in the water for the first time the Private Heart Reading is the perfect place to begin. For people who are looking to for Ultimate Heart Mastery the Heart Transformational packages are absolutely meant for you.

Pascale Seiler's aims with her clients is to teach them how to become the master sculptors of their own lives and in doing so has them embracing and living their true greatness.

In final, Pascale will have you reach deep down within yourself, to tap into the greatness that already resides within; then lovingly she'll guide you how to be the extraordinary leader that you were born to be. In the words of Wendy Wasserstein, Pascale will ask that you don't live down to expectations, go out there and do something absolutely remarkable.'