I'll tell you why! Without an Intuity Life Coach to set you on the straight and narrow life becomes a lot harder to traverse on your own, the path more winding there are more bridges to cross and more terrain to cover. You could almost sum it up in another way.

Life could be very hard if you pick the hard way, or you could choose another way that is easier and one where there is guidance, support and signposts how to navigate the terrain. And critically speaking you don't want to go walking into the dessert not having a clear purpose on where your going, what are your intending for the journey and more importantly being clear on what do you hope for the journey to bring you.

So it's clear we set you on the straight and narrow path.

We help support you to make sense of the obstacles set in front of you, whether be it a volcano bomb blast, or simply a drop from 50 metres height. You need to be emotionally, mentally and spiritually equipped as you can possibly be to get prepared for whatever is next in the experience that you will face.

We prepare you for something I like to call soul jumping. Similar to that of a bungee jump the similarities are crazy in that we provide the much needed bungee cord to support them. Perhaps you were mentally caught off guard that you even had to jump in the first place or so soon or even at all.

And our role is to guide you to make sense of the obstacles so that you can understand why you needed to go through that, or what was the bigger message or meaning behind all of it. Sometimes that is revealed early on or sometimes that becomes clear later on. Either way this allows people to move forward, break new necessary ground or to transition into the bigger more necessary changes ahead.

At other times our bungee cords are completely and entirely no use because we are not allowed to catch them by cord. Perhaps their lesson is to have our support to shed light on possible insights but ultimately their journey is about taking that walk entirely and completely on their own. Without a guide book or a map they just have to make the decisions equipped by the rigorous coaching thus far they have gained the inner strength and resolve to learn to make the tough decisions on their own.

Our Intuity Life coaching equips people to be better people by learning to release some of the more darker fragmented parts of your psyche your able to become a more integrated and whole individual who is able to love, accept oneself and others on a whole new level. The work we do working on loving one self both the lighter parts aswell as the darker sides leads to a greater self awareness, acceptance and love of many things. We are wanting to teach people how to love themselves as an access to all they want in life.

Our Approach

Our approach is a blend or mix of a variety of things. It is very much personalized and tailored to the individual, couple or group were working with.

Our approach is very loving and compassionate in essence. At times it can be ruthlessly compassionate blended with an unwavering stand. The reason for this is that as people we all need different things. Sometimes it's the harsh awakening that's needed to really set those wheels turning. Sometimes it's talking in what I like to call totally authentic and brutally honestly to get to the heart of the truth. It's sometimes because we are so de-sensitized to what's happening, we may be trying to numb things out, or we simply don't want to face the truth because it may be painful. Sometimes we need someone else's help to do that sometimes we may not be able to painfully go their on our own.

Rest assured whatever Intuity blended milkshake we choose to serve up in our approach know this that the shake will be perfect for you in every way. It's got the perfect dose you need to either shake up your reality or it may be the more softer heart filling experience that your soul is craving to be truly filled up.

It then becomes quite self evident that you can hardly not afford to hire an Intuity Life Coach because what becomes clear is you have either been wasting your money, the time that you could have been making money or channeling your energy into living the life you truly want. Think of how being held back has been costing you in all matter of ways and that time not spent on tackling what's not working is costing you creating a life you cherish or one you truly desire.

Get started today and hire an Intuitive Coach either with myself or with someone else. I have helped countless people get on the path either way my hope for you is that you start to take effective action because that's when your life truly seriously begins. I wish you all the best.