The Ultimate Heart Mastery Coaching Program

The Heart Transformational Coaching package is a process whereby Pascale personally guides you on to your personal Heart Centred highway, she'll show you how to switch it up and escalate up the set of heart gears so that you'll begin to tune into your own personal magical frequency. At this ultimate stage, Pascale has you finding your own personal beat to your own personal power.

This is when you can be proud that your really living life on your own terms. Your now able to stand centre stage in your own glory and be the pace setter for your own dreams to manifest. This package is a complete trail blazer and is totally not to be missed.

What I need from you:

  • A commitment from you that you're committed to doing the work the way the process is designed not cutting corners, sending the processes back on time and being in communication at all times throughout the process.
  • A commitment to pay the complete 10 session Heart Transformational package after the first Heart Transformational trial session has taken place.

How it works:

  • We will pre-arrange the session times that have been agreed either in person or over the phone.
  • You will have priority access to being able to email me.
  • Unlimited access to using the Heart Centered Tools that I use as part of the coaching.
  • After each Heart Transformational Session I will email you your Heart Centered homework to complete for the following session. Please email this back to me 48 hours prior to our next session so that I can powerfully prepare for the session.

The Cost:

10 Sessions for 1.5 hour package = 1,803 USD (14,025 HKD)

I give you a 15% discount off the package for signing up for the complete package.

10 Sessions for 1 hour package = 1,389 USD (10,800 HKD)

I give you a 20% discount off the package for signing up for the complete package.

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All payment is made before the start of the first session or session package.

Please note that any sessions that are canceled within less than 24 hours notice for any reason will count as a charged session.