Before a Heart Reading with Pascale she will go inwards and tune into your personal vibrational field. She will then take an energetic gauge of the weather that is circling in and around your life at this time to pick up powerful signs and messages that will prove extremely pivotal in the reading.

Whatever the weather tempo your life is in right now whether it is Sunny Cloudy, Rainy or Stormy Pascale has guidance and clues for you at every stage of your personal weather front.

Why this is so important is that, Pascale is an Alchemist, someone who turns your base metal energy into precious gold. Just like a Lightning bolt Pascale will transmute and raise your vibrational pattern so that you're in complete alignment with your heart's desire.

The reading inspires you to listen to the inner promptings of the heart, to act with clarity towards the fulfillment of your dreams.

Pascale will provide you with a detailed roadmap of success including tools that you can use along the way. Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ she will give you a beautiful pair of red slippers that you can put on to find your way to your Emerald City.

A Private Heart Reading is the powerful precursor for my Heart Transformational Package. At the end of the Private Heart reading Pascale will make recommendations as to what are your next steps based on your current blueprint. For the majority of people the Private Heart Reading is a necessary first step on your transformational journey.

For those of you who are both ready to dramatically shift the course of your life, you're committed to going the distance then the Heart Transformational Package is the process for you.

Just like going to the gym Pascale believes it's absolutely vital to get into enlightening shape to do the work that's wanted and needed on the path of self recovery. The work that I do with my clients really alters who you are being at your core. I get you really practicing so that it becomes a natural part of who you are.

24 hours prior to the session please refrain from drinking any alcohol or mind altering substances.

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With Loving Gratitude!

Private Readings

Entree, Appetiser Private Heart Reading - 115USD / 900HKD

30 minute Reading

Pascale has a laser like ability to penetrate to the core of your heart centred issues in a timely fashion. She'll equip you with the intuitive tools necessary to propel your heart forward. In a 30 minute reading much like a window cleaner Pascale will give your heart a good clean so that it feels spick and span and all shiny and new. Similarly, another way of saying is Pascale will become your personal optometrist dispensing you with the miraculous gift of renewed sight. The kind of sight that alters the way you see life. What a bargain and you won't even have to buy a pair of glasses lucky you.

Repas- Main Meal - 154.32USD / 1200HKD

60 minute Reading

For the 60 minute Hearty Reading Pascale really gets in there and works out the nuts and bolts of your heart's mechanics. This is a much more detailed reading Pascale goes in and literally recalibrates and restarts your heart completely anew. You might say she's going in there and giving you full on heart surgery so that you can align with your deepest most profound heart's desires. This is the reading that will put you on the fast track to heart success so jump aboard the train now and book your seat for first class seating.

Heart Centred Relationship Reading - 154.32USD / 1,200HKD

60 minute Reading

Interestingly enough, Pascale takes a very different slant to the Heart centred relationship reading. Pascale begins by taking a love meter reading of the level of love you're currently adopting with yourself. Relationships offer us the perfect mirror, reflecting the qualities or areas that we seek to strengthen within ourselves.

The benefits that you'll receive from the reading are the following:

  • Gaining greater clarity, awareness, purpose aswell as love for yourself and your partner
  • The opportunity to forge new intimate and loving connections with one another that you never deemed would be possible
  • Freeing your relationship's baggage from the past so that your now able to travel at the speed of much laughter, lightness and love in your relationship

Business Readings - 400USD - 3,110HKD

Pascale provides consultation readings for businesses and larger scale organizations alike. Pascale plays the role of an Eagle giving you a bird's eye view of the current energy and flow of the business, so as to get a holistic picture of the business trajectory. Moreover, she will also play the role of a mouse scrutinizing the smallest of important details taking into account things like the current business environment, people's individual and group chemistries to build a picture of the businesses wealth and character profile. In a nutshell in a Business reading, Pascale unlocks all of the doors to the business true potential.

Your business will benefit by:

  • understanding its current business flow and future growth opportunities that are coming it's way
  • foreseeing and preventing possible business issues arising within your path
  • creating new innovative solutions to your pressing business concerns


To find out more about these options, and how to go about setting up an appointment contact or fill out the inquiry form on the left above.