Over the past few years Pascale's Heart Transformational sessions has provided me with a tremendous amount of support and guidance over what were big life changes. She has provided me with the ability to both recognize and harness an inner strength I did not recognize I had before seeing her. She has made me a more open minded and thoughtful person, and I can honestly say that I feel far more receptive to both my own intuition and how to handle situations I would have previously found tremendously challenging.

Christine Lin

Pascale's contribution has been truly amazing. She has consistently helped me to really get in touch with the core of who I am. She has taught me how to get out of the mental and to really get in touch and in tune with my higher self. I see that the mental conflicts were going on because there was a lot of garbage around the way I related to myself and it was so automatic.

I have released the past and am now freed up to listen to what I want, I stretch and risk myself in new ways that light me up and have began to cultivate a new relationship with self trust. I trust the best things unfold naturally now in my world.

I also love how Pascale makes getting in touch with your spirituality so light and easy. This truly has expanded and broadened my spiritual horizon. I look forward to delving and diving into it all.

Thanks Pascale.


Pascale has a special talent and is highly intuitive. She knew things about me that astonished me and was able to use her gifts to help me understand myself and my issues crystal clearly.

Pascale got me to realise how I had been locked into my caregiver role all these years. I saw how that had truly been limiting me and blocking me off from really being able to relate newly with staff members in my team, my partners and most of all myself.

I realized that I was settling for much less than I deserved and have now gone about setting up a new field around me that allows me to be seen and admired for who I am. I am now able to also step back and allow others to learn how to take the lead and be responsible for themselves.

Doing this work with Pascale has freed me up no end, I see that being a leader is also empowering others to find their own way and trusting they will get there on their own and they don't need my help to do it.

Pascale has truly opened my eyes to who I want to be, who I can be and has equipped me with the tools to getting there. Incredible stuff!

Rahel, Switzerland

Before working with Pascale, I had almost exhausted all of my options trying to get help dealing with what I called then, my inner demons. To no avail, until I met Pascale; all of the psychologists I had worked with were unable to help me let go of the past.

Whereas with Pascale, it took me just our first session together for me to be convinced that she was the lady that was going to be the one that would transform my life. And she did! Pascale is the best that's out there; she has empowered me in every area of my life. Everyone who knows me has told me that I have 360 degree changed from who I was. I am a different person and that has everything to do with Pascale.

To name all the benefits I got from working with Pascale would take too long, but for starters I am now able to have a voice and speak up for who I truly am, I have an amazing relationship that I love, I had the courage to move away to start a new life together not to mention wanting to go off travelling for a year together with him. I now know what I want, who I am and totally believe I am capable of achieving whatever I put my heart too. Pascale, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all that you have done for me!

Kate Padget Koh, Hong Kong

Pascale Seiler will wow you every time; she'll send shivers down your spine with the truth, insight and power behind her words. She will touch, move and inspire you; she is one of a kind! She sets her clients on fire by her breath taking training and transformation. She is the new Celine of transformation; setting the intuition flame alive into all the lives of the people she touches.

Julie Body Talk & Nutritionist Practitioner

I am definitely NOT the same woman I was since the first visit with Pascale! Her intuitive ability to bring out the REAL issues and underlying beliefs about myself has changed me on so many levels. I am so deeply impressed with her skills; her subtle ways to trigger the underlying emotions that are just waiting to be expressed sometimes by just one word or a look; her compassion and the way she delves into passionately helping me to find my true inner self. I am so happy to be sharing my world with Pascale. She is a beautiful guiding light and an AMAZING spirit. I am eternally grateful for her wisdom and for all she has done to help me to see and moreover to be all that I was born to be!

Magdalena Wife and Mother of Two

I am so blessed to know you Pascale. You have made such a difference to my life and to others that I know who see you too. Working with Pascale has been like time travelling back to a time where I witness first hand a patient and a dedicated weaver learn how to co-produce a work of art. Pascale calmly sits and establishes a deep connection with you and then delicately shows you how to choose, spin and weave the threads of your life. In the end she transforms you into the weaver of your own life and shows you that you can create any work of art you can dream of.

I came to Pascale looking for somebody that could make sense of all that was happening in my life at the time. She gently guided me along the path showing me not only what I wasn’t seeing but also what I was blinded by. She relentlessly kept on working until she gently untangled all of the knots that kept me stuck.

The way I look at life after working with Pascale has completely shifted. I am now clear on the direction I want my life to take, I am confident in myself and my talents and most importantly of I have learnt how to truly trust and let my life take its course.

Pascale has a great ability to deeply inspire you. I now feel more self-aware, conscious and present with people. I have learnt what it is to truly be “in the moment.’’ Therefore my relationships with friends and family have improved drastically and the level of aliveness and deep intimacy forming with my husband continues to grow exponentially.

Pascale had helped me realize what the source and inspiration of my work is. My healing work is now more profound, deep and impactful as I have washed away the limiting thoughts that have always been holding me back and I am able to now soar to great new heights with my profession.

Sandra Mother of Two & Image Consultant

Working with Pascale has transformed my life. I am on a journey of rediscovery and reconnection. Pascale has the tools to create the space to help you find the essence of who you really are and then once you have found it, she then supports you to be who you really are. I am practicing living my life from a place of freedom, love and beautiful. Life is no longer a challenge, rather an opportunity to explore the vast possibilities that life has to offer. My life has taken on a completely new meaning of being rather than doing and this has opened the doors to endless exciting fun and adventure in my life. Practicing living my life from a place of freedom, love and beautiful. Life is no longer a challenge, rather an opportunity to explore the vast possibilities that life has to offer. My life has taken on a completely new meaning of being rather than doing and this has opened the doors to endless exciting fun and adventure in my life.

Yvette Alongi testimonial from Wine Importer in Canada

A few years ago, I sought the guidance of Intuitive Coach, Pascale Seiler, to help me work through some particular challenging life experiences. Pascale’s innate ability to hone in on exactly what my particular issue required and to not only brilliantly guide me to the solutions and possible outcomes but also to show me the ways that I was continually getting stuck when what was required of me was a definite move forward. I don’t think anyone could have seen me or my circumstances quite as fully or with the same love and light as Pascale. If you are lucky enough to work with her, you’ll know what I mean, I took copious notes during our sessions and though it was a few years ago. I still read her comments and they are just as valid and pertinent to my life today.

Lisa Gouthro Owner & Center Director for Star Corner South America

Pascale Seiler is an “Amazing and Powerful Lady”. How do I know this, I know this because I have been a recipient of the “Power” that Pascale transmutes to her clients. After experiencing such mind-blowing transformations with Pascale, it is not easy to put these experiences or feelings into words. All I can really say to the people out there reading this is if you are feeling in need of a person to share your innermost feelings or fears or wonderings, about what is happening to you or the things that are “not” happening to you, and “Why”, then give yourself a present. Give yourself a present of “Pascale”. I assure you that you will be a much Happier and a more “complete”, you. This is what Pascale does so beautifully and with such ease, help the world be a better place by helping people in it; be all they can be and she does it all from the space of “Love”.

Viki Winterton Founder of Expert Insights Publishing

Pascale Seiler's excellent communication and speaking skills are uplifting, entertaining not to mention enlightening. What a refreshing message she shares, and one that should be heard with all! In Pascale's speaking engagements, and training and coaching she gets her message across in a powerful and entertaining forums for the entire audience. That’s a real hard combination to achieve not to mention pull off, yet Pascale achieves this time and time again with utter style and grace.

Pascale has been a huge asset to us and I can proudly say she would be a huge asset to ANY organization who is looking for an amazing, results oriented, one-of-a-kind coach, speaker, trainer not to mention bestselling author as she always goes the distance and will totally connect and relate to the needs and burning desires of your audience. Her ability to connect to all personalities, cultures, and ages is a true gift! Book Pascale Today.

Dave Rogers, Serial Investor & Entrepreneur Rock Your Life Global Pte Ltd

Born in Hong Kong with mixed ethnicity, Pascale Seiler is a dynamic, experienced, and engaging story teller, facilitator, and coach. With years of experience in the training and talent management field, Pascale brings a keen sense of intuition, vibrancy and enthusiasm that she graciously and openly shares with her audience. By mixing relevant and topical business content such as Women in Leadership, the Emergence of Gen Y, and cultural diversity, Pascale engages, inspires and leads the way for people to have fun, teams to collaborate and for leaders to lead.