Courage is often mistaken to be the absence of fear. Just the opposite, courage is the recognition of fear and making a choice to not give in to it.

Courage is a high level energy force field that generates its own momentum which will propels those riding this energy forward and onwards to one's dreams and goals.

There is no faking courage, for it cannot be faked. Courage is not about words but about action - to say, do, tackle that thing which seems to fill you with dread or reluctance. Courage shows up in the moment one chooses to take action despite the dread, fear or reluctance. We make the choice to do them because it is this action that will move us beyond the bottle neck that is preventing us from moving forward.

To be courageous requires one to be honest with oneself. When the truth of any circumstances is brought into the light, clarity about what needs to be done will show up. Confusion can sometimes be the convenient way we hide from what we need to do.

You have drawn the lesson of Courage because there is something standing between you and your heart's desire and courage is calling you forth to step into a new space in which you will take action despite the reasons, fears or dreads that are paralyzing you. Take a deep breath, disengage your being from the incessant chatter of your mind and do that one thing you have been putting off. Once it is over, you will know the energizing and magnetic power of courage, which has always been there for you to draw upon. Remember and repeat your access to courage whenever you feel stuck, you are procrastinating or just paralyzed by fears.