Faith is the knowing that the higher forces are at work and circumstances currently showing up are showing up for a higher purpose. While we may not comprehend the rhyme and logic of what we are dealing with, faith allows us to trust that it is all part and parcel of our personal soul journey.

Faith is the force which makes possible the impossible. When the challenges we are facing looks too insurmountable, faith is the one ship which will sail us across the turbulent seas towards safer shores.

Faith galvanizes us forward when all seems lost. Faith keeps the heart beating, the feet moving on the winding road towards our dreams.

How does one have faith? By being present and focusing on each moment and what is required in that moment. By allowing your heart to open and not closed off to fear. By expressing gratitude for each small blessings, no matter how minute they are. By having a sense of humour and laughing at your challenges which will in time turn into a heroic tale of personal triumph. Faith blooms from a knowing in your heart and soul that you are loved, guided and blessed, no matter what is showing up in the outer realities of your life which is a way of relinquishing control and putting your trust in God, the universal force or life. Faith is created by handling just this one moment in the here and now, not anymore or less, and do what this moment calls for.

You have drawn the card of Faith because you are asked to have faith and trust that what you are resisting, fearful of or find challenging is only a small part of your personal journey. Walk forward, step by present step with faith in your heart that all will be well. You will find that peace will return and you will be lovingly surprised by how far you have come and how much you have grown.